Welcome To Deloraine Creative Studios Inc.

Deloraine Creative Studios Inc. is a centre for the creation and exhibition of art, craft, and design. We are a not-for-profit organisation that offers a unique experience for people to view artists and craftspeople at work, creating handcrafted Tasmanian products and works of art.

Our Studios

Brad Quinn

Art and design

Winner of the Eskleigh Tas Art Award 2018, Brad Quinn was born in Melbourne. Since relocating to Tasmania, his intention is to concentrate on painting, drawing and making things.


Larry Berg

Painting & drawing

Larry experiments with different mediums (oil, pencil, ink, pastel and acrylic), to portray his artistic endeavours.  Tasmania is a rich source of inspiration for his artwork with its beautiful and diverse scenery.


Leonie Meyer

Coloured pencil artist

Inspired by Meander Valley’s abundant wildlife, Leonie has been been creating realism with coloured pencils for about 17 years and finds them to be an amazingly versatile and portable medium.


Jim the Weaver

Jim is a spinner, dyer and weaver of 40 years experience. He lives and works at his bush property in Jackey’s Marsh, Tasmania as well as in his studio at the DCS. He is represented in private and public collections.


Consignment works

Selling on consignment

We display and sell art and craftwork on consignment. There is a steady flow of visitors to the Deloraine Creative Studios and many craftspeople rely on us to sell their wares.