Carol McLean-Carr

Painter, Illustrator, Teacher

Carol was born just outside London in April, 1948 and came to Australia in 1958, living firstly in Melbourne, then Colac and for 35 years, in Adelaide, prior to coming to Tasmania in early 2004. In 45 years of Illustrating for print, New media, Computer Games and Online and Carol has had three main concurrent paths in her career – Illustration, Art & Design – Education – Publishing and she hopes to continue that direction in Deloraine. Full-time teaching, studio production and

her own study have been the pattern for 30 of those years. 20-odd books, hundreds of covers and interior illustrations and scores of students later she hopes to open an ongoing class in February 2013 at the Deloraine Creative Studio (to share some of that enthusiasm and experience to those who would welcome it), as well as producing her own studio work there.

Carol’s main areas of interest in image making are drawing as a discipline itself, printmaking, water colour, oils, airbrushing and coloured pencil work.

Lately, she has rediscovered the joys of watercolour and inks on paper, of oil paint and the smell of citrus turps and, of course, the computer raises its boxy head.She was over-enthusiastic with that too producing the first digitally illustrated children’s book,not just in Australia, but the world, in 1999.

After training in Fine Art and as a Secondary Art Teacher and a short teaching stint in Adelaide, she entered the SA Museum as Lab Assistant and Science Illustrator for Research Papers and Biological Journals. A decade of experience and learning by working in the lab and field with her Zoologist husband assisted greatly in creating a niche position in later work.

When he died in 1982 she decided to enrol in and then completed a Bachelor of Design (Illustration) to pursue a career in Children's publishing, so bringing together her great loves – she has been able to combine an interest in education, natural history, literature, history, publishing and design in most of what she done over the years.

An early period involved in the print trade led Carol to seek formal study in the Bachelor of Design (Illustration), (Uni SA) which again led to a Graduate Diploma Adult Education, (Uni SA) Master of Educational Management (Flinders Univ.SA) and to the Master of Design by Research (Uni SA) in area of New Media.

As a full-time Advanced Skills Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in the Print & Design School (TAFE) for 10 years she taught numerous subjects including – Illustration, Drawing, Computer Graphics, Design, Typographic Design, Print-making and Painting Techniques and Rendering

From 1992-75 She was Course Standards Adviser – Graphic Design, Moderator and TAFE representative on Design Sector Group, Arts Training South Australia From 1996-98 Carol was a Member of South Australian Recreation and Arts Training ( SARAT) Graphic Design and Multimedia sub-sectors of the Industry Training Advisory Board. From 1996-98 she was a Course Advisory Group Member for the proposed Diploma in Multimedia course for Torrens Valley Institute.

In 1994, Education, Research and Art/Design were again combined when Carol began exploring the world of multimedia in earnest, firstly with interactive books at Era Interactive, then with children’s CD-ROM games at VTech Softbytes, forming her own group, Big Blue Graphics, to build large training and education websites for companies such as Qantas and BHP. Still producing children’s books and adult book covers in her spare time, she eventually was engaged as National Online Producer (Education) for the ABC where she produced a number of large Paeleontologic, Natural history, games and history websites in 2001-3.

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