Carol McLean-Carr

Painter, Illustrator, Teacher

Prior to coming to Tasmania in early 2004 Carol enjoyed a varied 45 year career in Illustration combined with years of vocational teaching and adult hobbyists.  After graduation from North Adelaide School of Art in the 60's, she studied science illustration on the job at the SA Museum of Natural History, moving onto Children's Picture Book illustration in the 80's after 3 years further study. New media, 2D & 3D Computer animation and Online Games took over in the mid 90's and a 2 year stint as online producer with the ABC in Adelaide in 2002.  Carol has had three main concurrent paths in her career – Illustration, Education and  Publishing - and all touched in some way by Natural History.

Carol’s main areas of interest in image making are drawing as a discipline in itself, colour and texture as they are expressed in printmaking, water colour and oils, not forgetting 25 in Computer graphics. In retirement she hopes to continue a more painterly direction in Deloraine and drop off the twig drawing.

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