Take home a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece from Jackie’s workbench.

All handmade – you will not find another on your travels!

Specialising in cutting the gemstones and gold or silver work, Jackie’s career of 33 years has brought her craft a long way.  Have a custom made piece made if you have special requirements, in this era of mass making, its nice to know you can still get something to fit you.

The focus for the jewellery and crystal pieces is to help people on their journey through life. Through teaching around the world, Jackie’s no-nonsense approach has caught people’s attention, spreading the realistic message about crystals and gems, their uses and the personal part they play in people’s lives.

In 1987, Jackie opened the renowned Crystal Gallery, situated in The Rocks district, Sydney CBD. This was the very first crystal healing shop in Sydney, and well-frequented by healers and collectors alike.

Now back in Tasmania, you can come in for a chat and a play with some jewellery at Deloraine Creative Studios.

My web address is www.jackieribbons.com.

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