Leanne Ames 

Natural plant dyes on raw silk, macrame 

My inspiration comes from spending time in the wilderness.  Old growth forest, the smell of the earth. the age old trees, ferns and mosses and the balance found there. The natural dying process is an extension of discovery that I feel in the wilderness, the ancient old craft of natural dying and its surprising outcomes never fail to amaze me.

My choice of materials to express my creativity are rope, twine, jute, wool and cotton. The texture, flexibility, that it is grown from the earth, the bits and pieces of bark present in the fibres, the rawness of it all, also the biodegradability, if left in the environment, would return to the earth.

The techniques of knotting, weaving and sumak mix well together to create harmony.

The natural dye process, with the use of fire, the preparation of the fire, the gathering and drying of plant material and the extraction of the dyes, mixing of mordants is another realm that comes together, all very grounding.

I feel connected to a very ancient past, that is elusive, spiritual and a wonder. 

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