Linda Camilleri

Dichroic Glass Jewellery

Linda is one of the talented artists at the Deloraine Creative Studios. Linda's art is the making of Dichroic Glass Jewellery.  Originally created for the Aerospace Industry, dichroic glass is made by using a highly technical vacuum process.  Quartz crystal and metal oxides are vaporised then attached to the surface of a glass in a crystal structure consisting of up to 30 layers.  

Dichroic glass filters light so that colours appear to change as the light moves and also reflects the colours closest to it.  No two pieces are quite the same. 

The jewellery design is carefully planned, then the glass is cut, assembled, layered, some pieces are then glazed or finish with gold or silver lustres.  The pieces are then fired in a kiln, sometimes taking several firings to achieve a vibrant, beautiful finished piece of glass art. 

Linda is passionate about her work and each piece she makes is individually designed and handcrafted by her. She works predominantly in precious metals.She loves the whole process of creating her jewellery, from the initial inspirational ideas to planning and designing the pieces, then to the hands-on part of assembling, cutting, grinding, glazing and decorating the glass. 

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