Come and watch the creative process at work!

Observe and talk with artists and craftspeople as they weave their magic, creating authentic Tasmanian products. DCS has a rich mix of artists and craftspeople painting, weaving, sewing, making jewellery, woodcrafts and more. You can see them 7 days a week. Come and have a chat with them and gain a glimpse into the mystery of the creative process.

Renting a studio

Studios are available for a monthly rent to allow artists and craftspeople the opportunity to create their marvels in their own space. There are varying sizes of studios available to suit a range of budgets. Studio holders can create, market and sell their products from within their studio. DCS requires that studio holders work a minimum of 2 days per week in their studio and assist with sales while they are rostered on. There is a friendly atmosphere of sharing and mutual support among studio holders as they work together to promote art and crafts in the community.

Contact DCS for more information about studios available for rent.

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