Trish Thorp

Creative photographer

Trish is a unique photographer who captures the magic atmosphere of every mood.  Her work is calming and beautiful as her photographs manage to capture the essence of the night skies. 

Trish calls her art White Healing Photography, a place that gives brokenness a home to speak its heart.  

Trish likens her photography as to the art of Kintsugi, it is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold, silver or platinum.  "Brokenness is treated as a part of the history of an object, not something to disguise or hide but to embrace flawed imperfections. All of us experience a time of brokenness and time used well may be the gold and laquer of our own healing." she explains. 

Her greatest wish is that the viewers of her creative photography will embark on their own journey of healing. 

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[This page is currently under construction, more photographs to come.]